Established by Congress, the 14th Amendment promised citizenship in exchange for enlistment, prompting many African American men. They were denied due to Jim Crow laws but still served. The film examines the profound and often-contradictory roles played by Buffalo Soldiers in U.S. history, and how they fought on two sets of front lines: military conflicts abroad and civil rights struggles at home.


The definitive story of the civil rights era from the point of view of the ordinary men and women whose extraordinary actions launched a movement that changed the fabric of American life, and embodied a struggle whose reverberations continue to be felt today. Narrated by political leader and civil rights activist Julian Bond (1940-2015).


From Here

“Where are you really from?” Inspired by a young generation’s creative response to this loaded question, FROM HERE follows artists and activists from immigrant families coming of age in an era of rising xenophobia and political turmoil. Set in New York and Berlin, the film shows them create families, fight for citizenship, make art and forge identities, while redefining what it means to belong.


Race in America

While individuals, institutions and social movements are doing the necessary work in combating systemic racism, hate and extremism persists in the US. This has culminated in racially-motivated violence and discrimination across the country at a far too constant rate.

In America, each and every person’s experience of race is distinct, colored by their personal histories, and the social systems that have existed for generations. In order to eradicate racism and realize an equitable nation, together we must continue to educate our fellow citizens and greater communities by encouraging uncomfortable yet essential dialogue.

From fighting for equal rights to raising social awareness and accepting people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, WORLD Channel presents multicultural and multi-faceted stories to continue the vital conversation on #RaceInAmerica. 

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