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LOCAL, USA is a series that features fascinating stories of diverse people, culled from public television stations and independent producers, and curated around a single theme for each program. These “untold” local stories are shared with a national audience. Hosted by Tina Martin.


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About Season 3

Culled from public television stations and independent producers, LOCAL, USA shows the depth and diversity of people in fascinating short stories. This season brings individuals together to talk about their slice of life - from the witnesses of a historic event that changed a neighborhood, and a nation, to the men and women finding themselves and their passion & place. Hosted by Tina Martin.

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    K-Town '92: Reporters

    K-Town '92: REPORTERS looks at the city-wide civil unrest that erupted in 1992. Journalists Hector Tobar, Tammerlin Drummond, and John Lee covered the story for the Los Angeles Times, providing in-depth reporting on the destruction and deaths that resulted. Twenty-five years later, they revisit their stories and impressions of those tumultuous events, and the media coverage they helped to create.

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    Finding America 1

    Before Courtney became an accidental baker and Jesus cooked the most beautiful hot dogs, they each had to search for their identity. The same can be said of Anthony, Cordelia and Tonia - these five men and women discovered who they are and then discovered their passion and purpose in their America.

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    Finding America 2

    We all come from some place...and that place can shape us for the rest of our lives. FINDING AMERICA looks across the United States at stories that celebrate and challenge the relationships between individuals and the communities they live in. In five locales, we hear warm memories, surprising discoveries, and deep worries about our changing American landscapes.

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    The Guys Next Door

    Erik and Sandro, like many married couples, hope to become parents. Their friend Rachel decides she can help by becoming a surrogate for them – even though she and her husband Tony have three biological children of their own. THE GUYS NEXT DOOR is a story that redefines choice, generosity, and what it means to be a family in today’s America.

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    The Mayors of Shiprock

    Meet THE MAYORS OF SHIPROCK – that’s what some people call The Northern Diné Youth Committee. These young Navajo leaders meet every week to learn about their Native culture, discuss community improvements, and work to bridge divides within their community. Some on the reservation say they don’t have the traditional knowledge and language needed to be real leaders…but the Mayors are not stopping.

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    My Everyday Hustle

    Meet five men and women chasing their versions of the American Dream. In New York, they are an integral part of everyday life and many people depend on them as a dog walker to street cart vendor. How do they make ends meet? MY EVERYDAY HUSTLE reveals the struggles, successes, and daily “hustle” for people we see every day, but don’t really know.

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    Kū Kanaka: Stand Tall

    At 15-years-old, Terry Kanalu Young took a dive into shallow waters, becoming a quadriplegic in a split second. Nonetheless he learned to value the life he lived rather than mourn the life he lost, using that insight to offer hope to those dispossessed. At the end of his life, Kanalu was able to inspire Native Hawaiians to reclaim their sense of worth.

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    Mr. Connolly Has ALS

    In New Hampshire, Concord High School Principal Gene Connolly was known for his non-stop energy and the innate ability to connect with the school’s 1,600 students. However, in 2014, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). MR. CONNOLLY HAS ALS follows his final year as principal, and invites students to ask questions - personal and tough - about living with the disease.

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    Opioids from Inside

    OPIOIDS FROM INSIDE follows the journey of three women, all mothers, who have served time in New York State jails for opioid-related crimes. Growing up, these women dreamed of having a family, a career. But these women are not simply addicts, they are mothers and daughters, they are loved and feared, they are abusers and victims, but most of all, they are humans.

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    G is for Gun: The Arming of Teachers in America

    Arming teachers was practically unheard of five years ago. But now after multiple incidents in schools across America, 13 states have adopted this practice. One such place is Sidney, Ohio where the school system has decided to take security into their own hands. Explore the complex and often divisive issue of school staff carrying guns in G IS FOR GUN.

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    Crossing the Divide

    5 reporters, 1 van. At a time of deep divisions in America, five young journalists travel together across the country to find hidden stories in every corner of the United States. From red states to blue states, the team explores the issues that divide us and discover the stories that unite us. A co-production of WGBH and The GroundTruth Project.

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    Behind-the-Scenes - Beyond Graduation

    Go behind-the-scenes of the production of BEYOND GRADUATION: Meet Latinx directors Alan Domínguez, Dez Hernández, Georgiana González, Carlos Valdivia and Carla Dauden as they produce short-form films that tell personal stories of Latinx youth transitioning from high school to life. Presented with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

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    Beyond Graduation - DOCS!

    A BEYOND GRADUATION collection of two short documentary stories that share the lives of Latinx youth dealing with life after high-school. Featuring Alan Domínguez's 'Turns in the Road' and Dez Hernández's 'AIM to Leap.'

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