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Perspective is ever-changing, especially in the face of blatant injustice and widespread systemic inequities. In 2015, the New York Times presented A Conversation on Race, a series of short interviews about the role race plays in the American experience. The series was created following the killing of Michael Brown and renewed calls for justice the year prior.

Today, the dialogue continues with The Conversation Remix. As the nation remembers the day George Floyd lost his life in 2020 and grapples with his tragic death, bearing witness to continuing demands for reform and justice, WORLD Channel is bringing back these poignant conversations to examine how we understand and engage with the topic of race now. The Conversation Remix features three short films with some of the original interviewees and the addition of new voices; each episode questions how our thoughts and feelings around race in America have changed following the events of the last year. Black mothers reflect on how they’ve raised their Black daughters; young Black men revisit their 2015 interviews and introduce how their current perceptions relate to the larger conversation of race; and a white family in the Adirondacks shares their new understanding of racial allyship in today’s America.

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FOR OUR GIRLS explores the stigmas Black girls face as they grow up within and outside their community. Mothers share their concerns with how they are shaping and impacting their daughters’ independence. The film is a love letter to Black daughters – acknowledging the sacred, and at times, tense relationship mothers and daughters share as they face challenges and accept each other’s flaws.


LEARNING TO BREATHE is the sequel to the 2015 New York Times Op-Doc 'A Conversation About Growing Up Black' where Black boys, teens, and young men shared their thoughts about race in America. Five years later, the young men return to compare and contrast how their relationships with racial justice, systemic racism, and social inequity & inequality have changed following the death of George Floyd.


Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, a family in the mostly homogeneously white Adirondacks community in New York shares their views on race and anti-racism. GOOD WHITE PEOPLE examines the current state of white identity, how it's changed from five years ago, and where it is headed. Can white people truly commit to what is required of them to create a more equitable anti-racist future?

All episodes of THE CONVERSATION REMIX are now streaming online, on YouTube and on the PBS app.

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