When Black neighborhoods across America erupted in violence during the summer of 1967, President Johnson appointed a commission to determine what happened, why it happened, and what could be done to keep it from happening again. The bi-partisan commission’s final report offered a shockingly unvarnished assessment of American race relations that would doom its finding to political oblivion.


Blurring the Color Line

BLURRING THE COLOR LINE follows director Crystal Kwok as she unpacks the history behind her grandmother’s family, who were neighborhood grocery store owners in the Black community of Augusta, Georgia during the Jim Crow era. By centering women’s experiences, Kwok poses critical questions around the intersections of anti-Black racism, white power, and Chinese patriarchy in the American South.


In the exuberance of youth lies the heartbeat of change. Beatriz grapples with being “too girly” in the rigorous world of STEM; Omar’s underdog mayoral race captures the essence of youthful idealism; and Sara shares the behind-the-scenes story of young, climate education activists. Three storytellers, three interpretations of YOUTH RISING, hosted by Wes Hazard.



Each May, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a time to elevate voices of the diaspora and encourage the growth of AANHPI representation.

This month, films premiering on WORLD – In Search of Bengali Harlem on May 9 and Chinatown Auxiliary on Mary 13 – explore the Asian American experience in two New York City boroughs. Find more in our AANHPI and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders collections.

Plus, watch three new Stories from the Stage episodes about Belonging (May 6), Body and Soul (May 13) and Youth Rising (May 20).

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AANHPI Heritage Month: Stories Spanning the Diaspora on WORLD

Every May, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a time to elevate voices of the diaspora to the forefront, encouraging the growth of AANHPI representation in the media and everyday life. This month, films premiering on WORLD explore the Asian American experience in two New York City boroughs on In Search of Bengali Harlem and Chinatown Auxiliary. Plus, watch Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander celebrating surf, sport and fashion.


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community has been plagued by heightened hate. This AANHPI Heritage Month, watch films that honor the struggles faced and celebrate the accomplishments of this vibrant community.

Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Stories

While the month of May has officially been recognized as Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, oftentimes the cultural nuance of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities is lost under a large, diasporic umbrella. As WORLD celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month along with our partners and community members, it's important to highlight the stories of ritual, pride and trailblazing diversity that come from Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

My Home Is Here

How do we define "home"? From stories of rural communities striving to be seen to explorations of what it means to feel at home, explore the economic, environmental and social issues that affect ways of life across the nation. From the heartland of America to Native lands, from the unacknowledged to the underserved, who are the people facing critical challenges and changes while fighting for a place to call home?

Liberated Lives

Liberated Lives, a compelling curated collection from WORLD, showcases stories of individuals transitioning from incarceration to reintegration. Highlighting resilience, transformation, and the journey toward redemption, it's more than a series of documentaries – it's a movement that amplifies the voices of those often marginalized and encourages viewers to recognize their role in our democracy.

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