An estimated 40.3 million people are currently living as slaves, a number more than at any other time in history. From North Korea to the Middle East and Europe, WHY SLAVERY? uncovers the stories of men, women, and children living in the shadows of modern enslavement.


Fannie Lou Hamer's America

Fannie Lou Hamer's America is a portrait of a civil rights activist and the injustices in America that made her work essential. Through public speeches, personal interviews, and powerful songs of the fearless Mississippi sharecropper-turned-human-rights-activist, Fannie Lou Hamer's America explores and celebrates the lesser-known life of one of the Civil Rights Movement’s greatest leaders.


'Afghanistan: The Wounded Land' Explores the Decades-Long War for Peace

Since October 2001, the United States government has held major influence on Afghanistan, but the country has been in flux, fighting for sovereignty decades prior to American interest and interference. Through a series of four films narrated by "The Kite Runner" author Khaled Hosseini, Afghanistan: The Wounded Land creates an opportunity to learn about Afghanistan’s history, understand the struggles of others who are not unlike ourselves, and build a more peaceful and prosperous global future.


Human Rights

In December, Human Rights Month recognizes and rejects the widespread discriminations that plague marginalized populations and create barriers toward freedom. Liberties many take for granted in some parts of the world are prohibited in others as power structures threaten the foundations of what it means to live and work freely. In an effort to bridge gaps of inequality, explore films and features documenting stories of human rights from modern slavery to personal freedoms – voting, housing, education, religion, employment, and the independence to live out the truth of your identity.

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