Doc World

WHY SLAVERY? A Woman Captured

Season 04  Episode 10

For 10 years, Marish has been kept as a housekeeper by Eta, a Hungarian woman. But her job is not reflective of a typical domestic worker. Marish toils unpaid seven days a week in exchange for meals, cigarettes and a couch to sleep on. Even money earned from an extra job as a cleaner in a factory must be handed over to Eta. Marish’s 18-year-old daughter ran away unable to bear her circumstances any longer but she lives with too much fear in her heart to leave.

Filmmaker Bernadett Tuza-Ritter witnesses first-hand the relentless torrent of abuse and humiliation Marish is subjected to. Over the course of two and a half years, Tuza-Ritter slowly becomes Marisha's sole friend and confidant, a relationship pivotal for building Marish’s confidence to escape. A WOMAN CAPTURED opens up the dark world of modern slavery behind closed doors in a raw and intimate portrayal of the psychology behind enslavement. Although the film is an evocative study of a woman so debased and disregarded that she has lost sight of her own life, it also offers hope by capturing the pure joy that can be found in living life as a free person. Silver Winner, 2nd Annual Anthem Awards, Human & Civil Rights - Film, Video, Television or Show.