Doc World

WHY SLAVERY? I Was A Yazidi Slave

Season 04  Episode 9

In August 2014, so-called Islamic State fighters occupied areas of Syria and Iraq, invading Yazidi settlements around Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq. Yazidi men were massacred and young women - some only 11 years old - were kidnapped and taken to Mosul. There they were paraded, selected, enslaved, tortured and systematically raped.

I WAS A YAZIDI SLAVE tells the story of two Yazidi women, Shirin and Lewiza, who escaped to Germany with the assistance of Dr. Jan Kizilhan, a world-renowned expert on trauma. Dr. Kizilhan has brought around 1,000 women and girls, all victims of sexual violence by the Islamic State, from Iraq's refugee camps to his clinic in the Black Forest for treatment. Follow their journey to recovery while asking how a survivor of unthinkable sexual violence can find justice and a path to rehabilitation. Silver Winner, 2nd Annual Anthem Awards, Human & Civil Rights - Film, Video, Television or Show.