• Dyslexia Awareness: How Storytelling Brought the Fight out in Anna Willis-Collier

    After telling her story on Stories from the Stage, storytelling coach Anna Willis-Collier shares more about coming up against intolerance encountered by people with dyslexia.

  • Phillip Martin Finds the 'Newsworthiness' of His Own Story

    In Stories from the Stage: Newsworthy, investigative journalist Phillip Martin shares his story of a fateful social justice trip to a racially-tense Boston, MA. Read an exclusive Q&A with the reporter to learn more about the experience that led him to become the decorated journalist he is today.

  • No Longer Invisible: The Disability Community During COVID-19

    When the pandemic created alternative work environments globally, employees with disabilities, especially those with invisible disabilities like mental health conditions, are now being more widely recognized and accommodated within the workforce.

  • What to Watch: Indigenous Peoples' Day

    Many cities and states now recognize the former Columbus Day – the second Monday of October – as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in order to rethink our perspective behind American holidays while celebrating Native American history and culture, paying tribute to Indigenous peoples and their contributions to our nation. This Indigenous Peoples’ Day, watch films about Native peoples and their unique experiences.

  • "The Good Road" Seeks Out 'Philanthropology' Around the World

    In THE GOOD ROAD, Earl Bridges and Craig Martin – longtime philanthropists and best friends – trek around the world to meet people who are making a difference in their communities. In season two, the hosts explore places closer to home like Virginia, South Carolina and Puerto Rico, and destinations abroad such as India and the Burmese border, where the duo discovers inspiring change-makers and the limitless power of good.

  • October Films to Watch: Diversity Awareness Month

    As social and political tensions flare up around the world, now more than ever it is critical to explore and embrace humanity’s differences. Each of the films offered on WORLD this month highlight our individual differences, reminding us of the very vulnerable, yet rewarding, human experience.

  • 'Facing the Dragon' Filmmaker Speaks on Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan, Women's Rights and the Role of the West

    In 'Facing the Dragon,' filmmaker Sedika Mojadidi introduced us to Nilofar and Shakila, two women working in Afghanistan as the U.S. began withdrawing aid and troops. The filmmaker speaks with WORLD Channel in 2021 to speak to how the two women – and the country as a whole – are faring as the Taliban take control over Afghanistan once again.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Reveals Public Health Failures for BIPOC

    As the U.S. continues to fight COVID-19, vaccines have become the most efficient way of curbing the virus, but a hesitancy in Americans to get vaccinated threatens to delay the process. Who are the unvaccinated, and why do they harbor doubts?

  • 20 Years Later: Reflecting on 9/11 & Healing Through Action

    Twenty years ago, the world was changed forever on September 11, 2001. Since then, life as we know it has been altered and families have rebuilt amid devastation, but we never forget the tragedy experienced that day. Upon two decades since the attacks, we come together to remember those lost and reflect on how we've moved forward.

  • ‘Stories from the Stage’ Veteran Storyteller Pens Memoir

    Storyteller Mark Redmond, who appeared on season 1 of ‘Stories from the Stage,’ talks about his new memoir, 'Called,' and details his 20-year career as executive director at Spectrum Youth and Family Services in Burlington, VT. Vermont Public Radio’s ‘Morning Edition’ host Mitch Wertlieb and morning news editor Matthew F. Smith spoke with Redmond about his book, and WORLD checked back in with him ahead of the season 5 premiere of ‘Stories from the Stage.’