• PBS and WORLD Channel to Explore the History of Black Soldiers in America with Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts

    Buffalo Soldiers: Fighting on Two Fronts will premiere Monday, June 12 at 10pm ET on PBS and Monday, June 19 at 8pm ET on WORLD Channel’s Local, USA series. The film will be available to stream on the PBS app,, YouTube and on the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel.

  • What Is a Decent Home? The A to Z of America's Affordable and Fair Housing Crisis

    Fifty-five years after the passing of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the housing crisis in the United States remains in a state of disarray. Rent hikes, high interest rates, overwhelming gentrification and more make it difficult, if not impossible, to find a suitable place to live. How can we come to understand – and, more importantly, navigate – the housing crisis? WORLD Channel and its partners feature films and specials that demonstrate housing in America from all angles.

  • Minnesota's Alt-Meat Revolution: Dawson Gets Ground Floor Start in Plant-Based Protein

    Dawson Mills was started as an early "value-added" cooperative and became a leader in plant-based protein ahead of its time. Today, PURIS is operating in the building first erected by Dawson Mills. Read and watch Part 1 of Minnesota's Alt-Meat Revolution.

  • Preserving Home, Community & Planet: Documentary Films to Watch on WORLD in April

    This April, while we re-enter spaces old and new and reflect on how to make purposeful contributions to our communities, WORLD’s featured films tell stories of fostering meaningful connection. AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange rings in a landmark 15th season with the premiere of five films celebrating the Black arts; a new season of Doc World starts this month with films that provide an understanding of global democracy; and as Earth Day approaches, streaming films remind us that our communities would not exist without a place to call home.

  • WORLD Channel Announces Season 6 of Doc World Series

    WORLD Channel begins a new season with three documentaries to premiere as part of Doc World Season 6 series starting in April. Keep It a Secret, the unsung history of Ireland’s surfing pioneers who transcended political conflict; Ganden: A Joyful Land, an intimate look at the lives of the last remaining generation of Tibetan Buddhist monks who studied at Ganden Monastery in Tibet; and The Accused, a profile of the powerful cleric Khadim Rizvi, whose one mission is to preserve Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Additional films for Doc World Season 6 will be announced in the spring. Doc World airs weekly, Sundays at 10pm ET on WORLD Channel.

  • The American Dream for 'A Decent Home': Filmmaker Sara Terry on Humanizing Mobile Home Communities

    Through the voices of residents at mobile home park across the country, filmmaker Sara Terry explores how “affordable housing” is continuously contested; by telling a story of the communities fighting for their human right to “a decent home,” Terry’s film exposes the deepest levels of corporate greed intensifying the housing crisis faced by Americans every day. Terry spoke with WORLD Channel about what sparked the flame of outrage that resulted in A Decent Home and the solutions we must all take to course correct.

  • 'Girl Talk' Filmmaker Lucia Small on the Power of the Female Voice and View

    On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Lucia Small died after her battle with pancreatic cancer. In her own words, the filmmaker shares what she learned while filming the five young women who appear in her final film, Girl Talk, and the hopes she has for their – and everyone's – futures.

  • Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Celebrated: Women's History Month on WORLD Channel

    This Women’s History Month, watch films that showcase how women are working against deep-rooted gender discrimination and stereotypes while advocating for their stories to be told – from the groundbreakers of the suffrage movement to high school students amplifying their voices to win championships and parity on a Massachusetts high school debate team in the new Local, USA special Girl Talk.

  • Sol Guy's Reconciliation of Family, Fatherhood and Identity Through 'The Death of My Two Fathers'

    When Sol Guy’s father William died, he left behind video tapes sharing the story of his life story for his children. Twenty years later, Guy had yet to watch them. When the moment came, the result was The Death of My Two Fathers, a deeply personal documentary about family, sorrow, healing and how we come to understand our identities. In an exclusive interview, Guy speaks of the emotional journey behind the film, what he hopes his own children will take away from it and how Blackness, fatherhood and healing are tied together.

  • AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange Celebrates Its 15th Season by Diving into the Power of Black Art

    Celebrating a notable 15th season, AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange returns with five films, spotlighting the power of Black art and how it reflects realities, restores spirits, celebrates triumphs, issues calls to action and unites people across around the world. The award-winning series, which has featured films from the likes of Michèle Stephenson to Thomas Allen Harris, continues its mission to focus on independent documentaries and short films about contemporary life, art and culture from the African diaspora.