Blood Memory

For Sandy White Hawk, the story of America’s Indian Adoption Era is not one of saving children but of destroying families and tribes. As an adoption survivor, Sandy sets out to reclaim the missing pieces of her stolen past only to discover that hers was not an isolated case. BLOOD MEMORY explores the communal healing that is sparked by the return of this stolen generation.


Returning Home Through Togetherness: Native American Heritage Month Film Collection

This November, WORLD Channel presents films rich with voices from the Indigenous community. With the leadership of our partner Vision Maker Media, we invite you to listen and learn from these Native storytellers.

Home can be a location, culture, community, family or a deep feeling of connection. 

In our Native cultures, we have faced many atrocities since invasion, which began the loss of everything. Yet today in spirit, beliefs, practices and thoughts, we retain hope that the missing will return home. 

Our Native culture, knowledge, gathering, spirit, ceremony, and wisdom helps carry us through the journey, the belief, and the hope of returning home. Our cultural connection to home helps us endure, hope, pray, practice ceremony and believe that the absent one will someday return home. 

Returning home is not always easy, nor is a return home always met with fanfare. Nonetheless, our connection to home in our Native culture engages our spirit to practice our ceremony, which joins our humanity to the place of belonging that we call home.

In our programs for November, we share stories about warriors, boarding school children, loss and death. As warriors, the fight to safeguard and return home keeps us persevering. For the missing and departed, we pray for their return. Home is in our spirit and returning home through togetherness remains the hope. - Francene Blythe-Lewis, Executive Director of Vision Maker Media

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