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Season 05  Episode 2

PANDEMIC19 captures the story of three doctors in the United States fighting COVID-19, told through their own voices while the chaos of the pandemic rages on outside the frame of their video confessions. In March 2020, as “shelter in place” orders began rolling out, the majority of the populace felt distanced from the opponent they were fighting...the virus was invisible and so was the frontline.

The film sidesteps the salacious news headlines by focusing on Dr. Virginia Brady, Dr. Brian Chang, and Dr. Pooja Aysola as they prepare for the “calm before the storm” and their direct experiences with COVID-19 patients. As the days unfold, the doctors record their changing impressions: fears, hopes, challenges, and triumphs - laying bare their emotional feelings. They are unfiltered and subjective.

PANDEMIC19 brings the doctors’ reflections to the forefront of this historic outbreak in order to awaken the American people to the stark realities of defeating an intangible virus.

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