• Filmmaker Q&A: 'Far East Deep South' Uncovers a Personal Journey That Leads to Deep Historical Connections

    In ‘Far East, Deep South,’ Charles Chiu and his Chinese American family travel from California to the Mississippi Delta in search of their shared past and uncover a peek into an often-overlooked piece of American history. Director & producer Larissa Lam and producer Baldwin Chiu talk about how their relationship with Charles added to the film’s production.

  • PRIDE Viewer's Guide

    June is Pride Month, and in support of and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community, WORLD Channel is ready to celebrate with the sweet freedom of authenticity. Watch along with us with films that support and advocate for stories, communities and relationships that reflect what it means to have pride.

  • Race in America Viewer's Guide

    2020 marked a year in which Americans were forced to confront racism in the country. As we remember George Floyd, it's crucial to reflect on the events of the past year and to continue the work of how to effectively create solutions to address racial injustice. It’s become clear that talking about race can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to have these conversations in order to work towards a more equitable society. Watch along with us this month as we embrace the complexities of stories about race in America.

  • The Conversation Remix

    A remix of the 2015 New York Times 'A Conversation about Race,' this series is a vibrant collage of people’s lives and experiences, which powerfully frame and illustrate the racial reckoning that is happening around us.

  • ‘Playing Russian Roulette With Our Own Lives’: At Black-Owned Funeral Homes in New Orleans, COVID Takes a Harsh Toll

    Following the staff at two of the oldest Black-owned funeral homes in the city, the film documents their efforts to reimagine traditional cultural grieving practices for the COVID-19 era and bring comfort to a hard-hit city — while trying to keep from falling ill themselves.

  • Q&A with Amy Tan

    Told through archival imagery including home movies, personal photographs and original interviews, Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir is an intimate portrait of the best-selling author's inspiring story that celebrates her life and career.

  • Asian American Pacific Islander Month Viewer's Guide

    As COVID-19 spread around the world, so did anti-Asian rhetoric. The number of hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States rose by nearly 150% from 2019 to 2020 as hate crimes overall decreased by 7%. Even with the Senate's passing of the anti-Asian hate crimes bill (it must still be voted on by the House), the fight against racial injustice in America continues. During Asian American Pacific Islander Month, WORLD Channel will amplify the voices of the many in the AAPI community by sharing stories of defiance, solidarity and humanity.

  • A Viewer's Guide to A New Season of AFROPOP

    Across five episodes, the series will captivate viewers as they travel around the globe to meet dynamic people shaping our world in exceptional ways.

  • A Viewer's Guide to EYES ON THE PRIZE

    The 1987 Oscar-nominated Eyes On The Prize documents the comprehensive history of the Civil Rights Movement in America. The landmark series is told in 14 parts through the firsthand experiences of ordinary people whose extraordinary actions launched a movement that changed the American landscape. From the singular act of courage by of Rosa Parks to John Lewis and the hundreds of marchers from Selma to Montgomery, it’s clear that the fight to end discrimination and segregation was an arduous but necessary road traveled.

  • Landmark Series 'Eyes on the Prize' Returns to Public Media Via WORLD Channel and PBS

    WORLD Channel, a national public media broadcast, online and social media platform with news and documentaries humanizing complex issues from across the globe, is teaming up with PBS to bring back Eyes on the Prize, the iconic history series on race in America. The 14-part series will begin airing Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET, on WORLD Channel, and will be available to PBS member stations nationwide beginning April 10, 2021 (check local listings). For the first time, Eyes on the Prize I, the first six episodes of the two-part series, will also be available for catch-up streaming, free and for a limited time beginning April 10th, following the broadcast on WORLD Channel on all station-branded PBS platforms, including, and the PBS Video app. PBS station members can also view Eyes on the Prize I via PBS Passport.