September 11: Remembering and Reflecting on 20 Years


New and streaming films to watch to reflect on the events of 9/11 and the stability of Afghanistan.

On September 11, 2001, the United States was forever changed. Twenty years after the terrorist attacks, the pain Americans collectively suffered due to that day’s events has endured. While reflecting on the loss and resilience in America over the two decades since September 11, 2001, and as turmoil in Afghanistan is renewed with the recent takeover by the Taliban, WORLD Channel shares stories of remembrance, fortitude and aftermath – read how first responders and loved ones of those who lost their lives on 9/11 have moved forward through advocacy work.

In a special episode of ‘Stories from the Stage’ three tellers recount their experiences coping with grief and bias following 9/11; meanwhile, ‘Facing the Dragon’ follows two Afghan women as they navigate life and motherhood while the U.S. withdraws its troops, and we revisit special FRONTLINE coverage from the months following the attacks.

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Generation 9/11
September 1 on TV & on the PBS app

Driven by the stories and personalities of its protagonists, who were born in the wake of a global tragedy which, for them, was also deeply personal, this intimate film is the story of an entire generation that has been shaped by the attacks of September 11 and their aftermath.

Changed Forever 9/11
Stories From the Stage | September 6 on TV, online & on the PBS app

Twenty years ago, the events of 9/11 changed the world. People struggled to make sense of the terrible acts and to rebuild their lives in its aftermath. After the death of his father in the attacks, David Filipov goes to Afghanistan where a simple Pop-Tart takes on a whole new meaning; social psychology professor Michael Sargent confronts his biases on an airline flight; and Jude Treder-Wolff finds seeds of hope to fuel her work as a clinical social worker and creative arts therapist.

America After 9/11
FRONTLINE | September 8 on TV, online & on the PBS app

Drawing on both new interviews and those from the dozens of documentaries Michael Kirk and his award-winning team made in the years after 9/11, this two-hour special offers an epic re-examination of the decisions that changed the world and transformed America.

Facing the Dragon
Doc World | Available online & on the PBS app through Oct. 10

From 2013 to 2017, director Sedika Mojadidi recorded the process of American forces and foreign aid beginning their retreat from Afghanistan. It was clear then that the country’s fragile democracy and the hard-fought advances for its women hung in the balance. This prescient documentary puts us on the ground with Nilofar, a member of parliament, and Shakila, a television journalist, who face a choice between motherhood and their personal devotion to reform in Afghanistan.

Watch an interview with Gracie Award-winning
director Sedika Mojadidi on our YouTube.


Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
FRONTLINE | Watch online & on the PBS app

For many Americans, the most difficult questions about 9/11 were not about politics, military strategy or homeland security. They were questions about God, about evil and about the potential for darkness within religion itself. What was it we saw on September 11? Was it the true face of evil? Was it the face of religion? And where, if one is a believer, was God on that tragic morning?

The Man Who Knew
FRONTLINE | Watch online & on the PBS app

When the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, among the thousands killed was the one man who may have known more about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda than any other person in America: John O'Neill.

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