• Amplifying Black Voices: What to Watch During Black History Month

    The United States has only recognized Black History Month for a few decades, but Black history in America extends far beyond 1976 and the 28 days to celebrate and honor accomplishments of the Black community. This month, filmmakers bring authentic voices representing distinctive perspectives to life on screen.

  • A New Normal: Students Share Perspectives on Education During COVID

    Student co-hosts Kate Nakamura, a junior at Kaua’i High School in Hawaii, and Terry Jones Jr., a first-year college student in Alabama, talk to PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs on what their "new normal" looks like at school during the pandemic. Watch Our New Normal: How Teens Are Redefining School Life on Jan. 25 at 7p ET.

  • The Best of WORLD in 2021: Documentaries Through a BIPOC Lens

    Over the last year, while the world has faced unprecedented obstacles, it has also celebrated its share of triumphs. WORLD Channel showcased dozens of films and features in 2021 that covered a breadth of stories relevant to the times we live in. Explore our best-of list of documentaries and look for what’s new to come in 2022.

  • Transforming America: What to Watch on WORLD in January 2022

    January marks a brand new start and serves as a moment to pause and reflect on the past year. As we enter a midterm election year, social inequality issues remain front of mind as we recognize the urgent work that must be done to transform America into a more equitable society. This month, watch films that represent a changing America by examining human rights, economic impacts, and the resilience of communities.

  • America ReFramed Celebrates Its 10th Season of Diverse Stories of a Changing America

    Over nine seasons, America ReFramed has become a WORLD Channel mainstay, bringing audiences films that document an ever-evolving America. In 2022, the award-winning series will broadcast its 10th season, bringing with it a slate of new films from multicultural makers that explore unique experiences of Americans from all corners of the nation.

  • Human Rights Month: What to Watch on WORLD in December

    During December, Universal Human Rights Month calls attention to injustices that persist in the U.S. and beyond its borders. Watch films all month that illustrate the reasons why rights like voting, education and health care continue to be challenged but that also stand for why freedoms for all people must still be fought for.

  • Filmmaker May May Tchao on the Dynamics of a Blended Family in 'Hayden & Her Family'

    In 'Hayden & Her Family,' we meet Hayden, one of five of the adopted Curry siblings with special needs. Filmmaker May May Tchao spoke about what it was like filming the family and what she learned from them.

  • Why Slavery? Uncovers the Reality of Modern Slavery Around the World

    “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” An estimated 40.3 million people are living as slaves, a number more than at any other time in history - including during the transatlantic slave trade. From North Korea to the Middle East and Europe, WHY SLAVERY? uncovers the stories of men, women, and children living in the shadows of modern enslavement.

  • The Complex 'American Veteran' Experience

    As we honor the 19 million veterans across the country who have upended their lives in the name of service this Veterans Day, explore the experiences of over 50 veterans who have shared their stories. PBS' 'American Veteran' documents the diverse veteran experience through the voices of service members themselves.

  • Returning Home Through Togetherness: Native American Heritage Month

    By sharing stories of tribal history, tradition and culture, we spread education and appreciation of the Native experience across America and pay tribute to the Indigenous peoples who have helped shape our nation through generations. During Native American Heritage Month, watch films that explore what it means to be Native in today’s America.