There are all sorts of things people can be proud of: a decision, an accomplishment, or standing up and being true to who they are. Palestinian Muslim Eman finds the best tool to defy cultural stereotypes; April shares the relief & redemption of living an authentic self; and Jay comes out and receives surprising reactions. Three stories, three interpretations of PRIDE, hosted by Theresa Okokon.


Little Miss Westie

A loving and insightful portrait of two transgender siblings - Luca and Ren - and their parents, set in the changing social climate following the 2016 presidential election. LITTLE MISS WESTIE takes audiences behind the scenes as the family navigates puberty, school, dating and more as the children begin living in their authentic genders and Ren participates in the Lil’ Miss Westie Pageant.


Out in the Night

A moving account of four women sensationalized by the media as a "Gang of Killer Lesbians" reveals the role that race, gender identity and sexuality play in our criminal justice system.


PRIDE Stories

As state governments pursue unjust law-making affecting LGBTQIA+ rights, social justice reform continues to be the subject of countless conversations throughout the nation. While the LGBTQIA+ community continue to fight for visibility, solidarity and allyship are more meaningful than ever. 

June marks the celebration of PRIDE, a time to honor LGBTQIA+ trailblazers that represent owning your truth. During PRIDE Month, WORLD Channel shares stories of community leaders, friends, families and creators who take pride in the LGBTQIA+ flag 🏳️‍🌈.

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