The Cost of Inheritance: How to Watch & Learn About the Case for Reparations


 The Cost of Inheritance: An America ReFramed Special is now streaming, sharing personal stories of how campaigns for reparations are being executed by everyday Americans across the country. Use this watch party kit as a resource to find all the ways to engage with the film – watch, share your thoughts below and learn more about reparations.

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Stream on Your Favorite Platform

The Cost of Inheritance: An America ReFramed Special, a compelling new documentary now streaming on WORLD, aims to examine and define the complex issue of reparations in the United States through a thoughtful approach to history, historical injustices, systemic inequities and the critical dialogue on racial conciliation. Join us as we share personal narratives, community inquiries and scholarly insights that tell powerful stories of how reparations are possible for Black Americans. You can watch now on the PBS app and, or find it on Prime Video and Apple TV+!

Watch a Meet the Makers Event

Listen now to a conversation with the filmmakers of The Cost of Inheritance – Yoruba Richen, Mehret Mandefro, Lacey Schwartz Delgado and Darryl Ford Williams – and film participants Randy Quarterman and Sarah Eisner. 

Watch an Extended Featurette

How are reparations happening in the U.S., if not at the federal level? Through the lens of the 2023 DOC NYC film festival, we talk to the filmmakers and subjects of The Cost of Inheritance to explore the film, the controversy surrounding reparations, the cases setting the groundwork and why the issue can only be solved together.

Tell Your Family and Friends

Reparations are only possible if we work together within our community. Let others know they can learn more about what reparations can look like – show friends and family where to stream the film and spread the word on your social media using the downloadable assets below and the hashtag #CostOfInheritancePBS.

Learn More About the Film & Reparations in America

While The Cost of Inheritance touches on personal instances of reparations, learn more about the historical elements that play into the debate in the U.S. Use this discussion guide to spark conversation with friends, family, colleagues and more; to think about your perception of reparations and how you can further your understanding of race in America; and to find productive ways to navigate challenging conversations.

Host Your Own Screening

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