AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange Returns for Season 14


New modern stories from the African Diaspora arrive on WORLD Channel this April.

Season 14 of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange returns this April with five new episodes chronicling social movements and influential changemakers from the African Diaspora in Liverpool, Tunisia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and more. This season, AfroPoP aims to highlight the artistry, advocacy and activism of the Diaspora, recognizing Black leaders around the globe advocating for success and recognition of their people.

The new season of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange premieres April 4 at 8/7c. Check your local listings.
Everything: The Real Thing Story | April 4
by Simon Sheridan

Follow the soul and funk band, The Real Thing, who were dubbed “The Black Beatles,” as they broke barriers while navigating discrimination and the pitfalls of stardom. The film features surviving members and recording artists reflecting on the importance of the pioneering group to music.

She Had a Dream | April 11
By Raja Amari

A young Black Tunisian woman, Ghofrane is an activist who speaks her mind. SHE HAD A DREAM follows her path into politics, revealing the many faces of a country seeking to forge a new identity. In its own unique way, the film shines a light on the often insurmountable prejudices faced by Black women.

Downstream to Kinshasa | April 18
By Dieudo Hamadi

In 2000, thousands in Kisangani were killed or injured. The surviving victims of the Six-Day War - all living with permanent injuries or amputations - have since been fighting for recognition and compensation. Tired of unsuccessful pleas, they embark on a journey to voice their claims in Kinshasa.

Restitution? Africa's Fight for Its Art | April 25
By Nora Philippe

RESTITUTION? recounts the story of the African artwork looted by colonizers and that fill European museums today, and whose return is now being demanded by their countries of origin. The film invites us to reconsider our cultural heritage and museums’ role in reinventing our relationship with Africa.

Revolution from Afar | May 5
By Bentley Brown

After the fall of Omar al-Bashir, those abroad were left pleading for peaceful transition in Sudan. An ocean away, artists, whose families left Sudan in decades past, perform in support of the revolution. At the heart of the film is a conversation around identity, belonging and an uncertain future.


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