America ReFramed

Personal Statement

Season 06  Episode 14

PERSONAL STATEMENT follows three inspirational teens in Brooklyn who take it upon themselves to make a difference by becoming peer college counselors in their schools. They are high school seniors who are fighting to defy the odds not only for themselves but for every single one of their classmates. They have decided to become the very resource they don’t have themselves. 

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Karoline Jimenez, Christine Rodriguez and Enoch Jemmott aspire to become the first generation in their families to attend and graduate college. But, like so many public school students throughout the country, their under-resourced schools don’t have enough college guidance support. That is why Karoline, Christine and Enoch have decided to do their part to close the college guidance gap. PERSONAL STATEMENT is an observational film that follows them through their senior year as they struggle to get themselves and their peers to college. The film’s narrative weaves their individual struggles, family life and their respective college application and admission processes.


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