America ReFramed

Winter at Westbeth

Season 06  Episode 19

The elderly residents of Westbeth Artists Housing in New York City are immersed in their art practice as though there is no tomorrow. WINTER AT WESTBETH puts the spotlight on three longtime residents as they continue to engage with their craft. When most dancers retire by their late 30s, 75-year old contemporary dancer Dudley Williams, a former company member of both Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey ensembles, prepares for an electrifying return to the stage. 82-year old poet and breast cancer survivor, Ilsa Gilbert, has written over 350 poems, and weaves her experience about confronting mortality into her work. And, 95-year old experimental filmmaker and video artist, Edith Stephen hopes to complete an experimental film for her birthday.

A celebration of artistic exploration no matter one’s age, WINTER AT WESTBETH captures inspirational stories about aging and the need to keep creating.