America ReFramed

Any Given Day

Season 10  Episode 7

Filmmaker Margaret Byrne follows Angela, Dimitar and Daniel, three Chicagoans participating in a specialized court probation program, as they manage their respective mental illnesses while searching for stability in their families, friendships, jobs and housing. Byrne’s intimate observations of the three, captures the hard-fought triumphs and struggles of living at the intersection of mental illness, poverty, and addiction. As Byrne intimately documents their rarely seen struggles, she is forced to also reckon with her own history of mental illness.

Filmed over five years, ANY GIVEN DAY exposes a carceral system designed for punishment, yet often used as a replacement for mental health care. The absence of support takes a toll on family members and friends whom Angela, Dimitar and Daniel provide for and depend on. The resulting stigma and isolation keep them caught in cycles of victory and defeat. The film provides deeply personal insight into the necessity of caring relationships, especially when life is at its most difficult.



Watch a conversation with filmmaker Margaret Byrne, Cook County Mental Health Court Program Lauren Edidin and graduate Daniel Brown about what it's like to live with mental illness in America and the services available to help. Moderated by Dr. Kameelah Mu'Min Rashad, founder and president of the Muslim Wellness Foundation. Watch the recording!