Decolonizing Mental Health | Adriana Alejandre

“We fix problems inside the family” is what Adriana Alejandre grew up hearing. Determined to change the way the Latinx community approached mental healthcare, she started her practice as a bilingual therapist in LA. Overwhelmed by the number of patients she had to turn down, Alejandre started the Latinx Therapy podcast, which has become an important mental healthcare resource for the community.


The Unafraid

Banned from attending Georgia’s top five public universities and from paying in-state tuition at other public colleges in the state, DACA students like Alejandro, Silvia, and Aldo unite through their activist work with an immigrants’ rights group. A humanizing portrait of the undocumented, we learn of their struggles as working families support their children in pursuit of their dreams.


Sharing Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Stories

From September 15 through October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month marks a celebration of the Hispanic and Latinx communities, highlighting how sharing history and heritage is what keeps cultures alive from generation to generation. As the Latinx and Hispanic diaspora grows globally, we are reminded of the close-knit communities tied together by family, food, language and stories of perseverance. 

WORLD Channel is committed to bringing the diverse faces and voices of Latinx and Hispanic communities front and center through this year’s programming, highlighting films like La Manplesa, documenting the Salvadoran community of Washington, D.C. standing up against police violence, and Sushi Nachos, the story of how a Mexican-Japanese family uses their dual identity to create space for togetherness.

Watch films that both honor overcoming hardship and celebrate the triumphs and resiliency of these communities.

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