Chinatown Auxiliary

For decades, Chinese residents have patrolled Manhattan's Chinatown as NYPD volunteer police to protect the few blocks they call home while finding belonging in a foreign, unwelcoming country. From the savage tribulation in the '70s to “Asian Hate” during the pandemic, these stories remind us of the hope the U.S. represented to the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to belong.


In Search of Bengali Harlem

As a teen, Alaudin Ullah was swept up by the energy of hip-hop and rebelled against his Bangladeshi roots. Now a playwright contending with post-9/11 Hollywood’s Islamophobia, he sets out to tell his parents’ stories. IN SEARCH OF BENGALI HARLEM tracks his quest from mid-20th-century Harlem to Bangladesh, unveiling intertwined histories of South Asian Muslims, African Americans, and Puerto Ricans.


The Accused: Damned or Devoted?

Powerful cleric Khadim Rizvi has one mission: to preserve blasphemy laws in Pakistan - they prescribe a death sentence for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. He is running for the country's highest office to carry out his goal, silencing anyone who tries to change the law with death. The film follows the rise of Rizvi’s push for power as people who have been accused, are just pawns in his game.


Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Stories

Through hearing stories and watching films for and by Asian Americans, we're reminded of the breadth of the Asian diaspora; with cultures and traditions spanning the globe, Asian identity can mean many different things. This AANHPI Heritage Month, watch films that honor the struggles faced and celebrate the accomplishments of this vibrant community.

Throughout May, WORLD shares stories of AAPI defiance, solidarity and humanity, from complex histories between Asian Americans and their Black neighbors in the Jim Crow-era South to short stories of family, identity and resilience. From America ReFramed, Doc WorldPacific Heartbeat and more, watch new films and exclusive extras on WORLD, the PBS app and YouTube.

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