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Third Base to Faith

13-year-old Nabeel sets out to accomplish two things: take his local baseball team to the championships and memorize the 604-page Quran. The film explores how a second-generation American born son and his immigrant father find connection through the sport of baseball while the young boy navigates how to practice his faith in an American context.

Raising the Floor

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic sent the majority Latinx city of Chelsea, MA spiraling into chaos. Hundreds of citizens waited in lines for food, prompting city leaders to come up with a simple but inspired idea: a Guaranteed Income to be spent on basic necessities.


In March 2020, the CDC declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. SEVA highlights how the pandemic profoundly impacted people, and how Sikhs contributed to helping and saving lives around the world by responding to the crisis and redefining what seva looks like. This film aims to honor those who lost their lives and the Sikhs who selflessly served during one of humanity’s darkest hours. Created by Nishkam TV and the SALDEF SikhLEAD internship class of 2021 under the mentorship of their film teacher Harbaldeep Singh.

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