Variety Studio: Actors on Actors

Jennifer Coolidge, Ali Wong, Diego Luna and more

Season 18  Episode 4

PBS SoCal and Variety take you inside the biggest movies and T.V. shows of the past year through candid conversations with today's hottest actors. Hosted by Variety Film Awards Editor Clayton Davis and Variety Chief Correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister, each episode brings together pairs of actors engaging in intimate one-on-one discussions about their craft and work. Get an insider’s look into the creative process and what it takes to finely hone the craft of acting.

Jennifer Coolidge ("The White Lotus") and Jeremy Allen White ("The Bear") talk insecurity and finding confidence in their roles; Jason Segel ("Shrinking") and Ali Wong ("Beef") debate the compexities of navigating both comedy and drama; and Hayden Christensen ("Obi-Wan Kenobi") and Diego Luna ("Andor") discuss their dynamic roles within the Star Wars universe over the decades.