America ReFramed

Late Blossom Blues

Season 07  Episode 5

Leo “Bud” Welch’s recording and touring career begins at the age of 81. Born in Mississippi, Leo worked the cotton fields and lumber mills from dawn until dusk. When he picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 12, his blues were born out of those cotton fields. While Leo’s lifelong dream was to be a musician, he turned down the chance to work with the legendary B.B. King, choosing to stay close to his family, his church and the town he loves.

With the support of his dedicated manager, Gulf War veteran Vencie Varnado, Leo’s Blues career rises. Determined to celebrate and highlight his talent, Vencie books Leo at festivals and clubs across the South and takes him on his first-ever flight - all the way from Mississippi to admiring fans in Austria! With just a handful of great Bluesmen left in the United States, LATE BLOSSOM BLUES offers a rare glimpse into the daily life of one of America’s musical treasures.