States of America

STATES OF AMERICA is a series of documentary shorts exploring the idea of what makes a place a home and its connection to our identity. How does our state affect who we are and how we identify ourselves? What is it that ties us to these places and makes us adopt them as our home? In a time where identity, unity and belonging are under scrutiny, the series asks these questions in lyrical short documentaries featuring everyday people as distinct as the physical and cultural landscapes they call home.

Created by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Brad Barber, STATES OF AMERICA showcases a person from each of the 50 states, highlighting how residents develop a sense of belonging and ultimately discover #MyHomeIsHere.

Beyond the Lens: Filmmaker Brad Barber talks about STATES OF AMERICA and the 10-plus years exploring home, identity and sense of belonging with one person per one state. He shares his perspective and of those he documented. 

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