Returning Home Through Togetherness: Native American Heritage Month Film Collection

WORLD Channel presents films rich with voices from the Indigenous community. With the leadership of our partner Vision Maker Media, we invite you to listen and learn from these Native storytellers during Native American Heritage Month.



While celebrating Native American Heritage Month this November, WORLD presents a new America ReFramed film, Town Destroyer, that highlights our democratic process at play with high school murals at the center of a heated debate over preserving historic art vs. acknowledging colonialism. Watch 11/2 and stream online.

Explore more of the Native American experience – from how Native communities are fighting climate change to personal stories of forced adoption – by streaming our collection of films.

And on Stories from the Stage, Indigenous storytellers take the stage to share poignant moments in Sacred Circle (11/13) and All Connected (11/20).

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The Power of Native Voices: What to Watch on WORLD in November

Over the last year, strides have been made to atone for decades of injustices against Native American people and their communities. During Native American Heritage Month in November, WORLD presents films that explore Native experiences across the U.S. – past, present and future. This November, follow along with our programming highlighting Native activists, families, trailblazers and more.

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