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12:00 AM

Big Pacific: Voracious

Length: 56 Minutes

1:00 AM

Big Pacific: Passionate

Length: 56 Minutes

2:00 AM

Unforgettable Augustus Post

Length: 26 Minutes

2:30 AM

Stories from the Stage: For The Win

Stories from the Stage
Length: 26 Minutes

When it comes to sports, first place isn’t always the best place. Rae Marie is pushed to overcome her fear of diving but jumping into her own mind is better; in the middle of an emergency, Bernard heads to the World Series of Poker; and Adam dreams of winning a trophy like his mom but it's more difficult than it looks. Three storytellers, three interpretations of FOR THE WIN, hosted by Wes Hazard.

3:00 AM

PBS NewsHour

Length: 56 Minutes

4:00 AM

Amanpour and Company

Length: 56 Minutes

5:00 AM

Nova: Inside Animal Minds: Who's The Smartest?

Length: 55 Minutes

6:00 AM

BBC World News

Length: 29 Minutes

12:00 PM

Nova: Secrets of the Forbidden City

Length: 55 Minutes

1:00 PM

Nature: Raising The Dinosaur Giant

Length: 56 Minutes

2:00 PM

McCarthy: American Experience

Length: 114 Minutes

4:00 PM

Asian Americans: Good Americans

Asian Americans
Good Americans
Length: 56 Minutes

During the Cold War years, Asian Americans are simultaneously heralded as a Model Minority and targeted as the perpetual foreigner. It is also a time of bold ambition, as Asian Americans aspire for the first time to national political office and a coming culture-quake simmers beneath the surface.

5:30 PM

BBC World News America

Length: 28 Minutes