America ReFramed

Surviving Home

Season 07  Episode 14

Over 20 million U.S. military veterans have put their lives on the line in service to their country. But for many, surviving war is just the beginning. SURVIVING HOME documents the lives of U.S. veterans from different generations as they adapt to the challenges of life after military service. Claude AnShin Thomas, a Vietnam War veteran becomes an ordained Zen Buddhist monk; Robert Henline, a severely injured Gulf and Iraq War veteran takes on stand-up comedy to help heal his wounds of war; Richard Green, an aging World War II veteran works tirelessly to help others, assisted by Jeff Prutz, a young Marine Corps veteran; Tracey Cooper-Harris, a female Gulf and Iraq War veteran wages a landmark civil rights battle for veterans' same sex spousal benefits while working through military sexual trauma.

SURVIVING HOME uncovers a detrimental gap between military veterans and the civilian populace they protected, while also exposing a culture of silence that prevents many of them from talking about their experiences in war. Through the bravery of the men and women who share their stories, audiences are introduced to a diverse community of veterans who have discovered incredible ways to not only survive, but ultimately to thrive and continue their service to others.