America ReFramed

Bring It Home

Season 09  Episode 5

In November 2018, General Motors announced plant closures in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland and Oshawa, Ontario. This decision left thousands of families with unanswered questions. Would these plants be closed permanently? Should they request out-of-state transfers? What would happen to their pensions and benefits?

BRING IT HOME tells the stories of five families from the Lordstown, Ohio auto plant at a crossroads following GM’s decision. Dave Green, Tiffany and Tom Davis, Tiffany King, Rick Marsh, and Tammy and JC must decide whether the benefits of being a GM employee outweigh what they risk losing by transferring to a new plant. Each family's decision is complicated by tight finances, spouses forced to leave careers, and the needs of children or aging parents. As these families wrestle these tough choices, they are also left wondering why a company recording billions of dollars in profit is shuttering factories.