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Surviving the killing fields of Cambodia...
Growing up in the controversial madrasahs of Pakistan...
Empowering women through soap operas in the Middle East...
Harnessing wind power to build a stronger Nepal...

These stories dive deep into the heart of an issue, giving viewers a chance to understand the lives and concerns of people beyond U.S. borders.

Doc World is a weekly showcase bringing the best international documentaries from around the globe to an American audience. Presented on WORLD Channel and told with authentic voices, these stories will surprise, inform, and delight. The series is a unique and contemporary window into the realities of people and societies from many nations. This is our viewers’ passport into the world’s films that they cannot see anywhere else.

Doc World uncovers what matters most to people from other countries, the histories they remember, and what engages and concerns them most. These films explore social concerns, cultural touchstones, political hot topics, and environmental issues, revealing the commonalities and differences that peoples and cultures experience throughout the globe.

Doc World is produced by WORLD Channel. Funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Doc World

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