America ReFramed

About This Program

Each year through the lens of 26 independent films, America ReFramed tells the stories of a diverse and transforming America: what makes us different -- race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, abilities -- as well as what we share in common. With weekly 60- to 90-minute independent films, followed by provocative conversations led by host/moderator Natasha Del Toro, this weekly series offers an unfiltered look at people rarely given a voice on national television. America ReFramed features personal storytelling often tied to national issues like social injustice.

From examples of unequal access to resources, battles with environmental blight, and a community’s response after a hate crime to tales of contemporary life on Native American reservations, families triumphing over hardships, veterans returning home, and homeless individuals trying to survive -- these personal films document the times in which we live.

Episodes from Season 3