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Voices from Atlantic City

Season 02  Episode 3

Long an iconic seaside resort and home to a legendary boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey became the first location outside Nevada to legalize casinos in 1976. But by 2014, four of the twelve casinos had closed, costing nearly 8,000 people their jobs.

Today, the political and economic future of the remaining casinos, those still working there and the city itself hang precariously in the balance. The reporting initiative Chasing the Dream, in collaboration with NJTV, began chronicling the struggle of that historic city through those most affected by the boom and the bust. The result: VOICES FROM ATLANTIC CITY.

The program tells the story of the rise and fall of this gambling and entertainment mecca through the unique perspectives of local stakeholders – once prosperous card dealers, cocktail waitresses, construction workers and others - who lost their jobs or are hanging on to them by a thread, yet who still manage to have hope for the future.