Young Voices for the Planet

About This Episode

Young Voices for the Planet is a series of inspiring short films featuring young people using science and creative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes, schools, communities and states. The films demonstrate first-hand how youths from around the country and around the world have taken action to help stop global warming.

In Santa Monica, California, Team Marine, an eco-minded group of students at Santa Monica High School, are concerned about the effects of plastic bags on ocean life and CO2 emissions. They dress up as plastic bag monsters and act to successfully ban plastic bags in their city. Over in Germany, 11-year-old Felix Finkbeiner founds the organization Plant for the Planet, and helps plant more than a million trees in the country to sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program empowers youth to be agents of change in their communities, and presents replicable success stories that allow young voices to be heard and inspires action — the best antidote to fear.