The White House: Inside Story

About This Episode

The White House is one of America’s most iconic buildings; it is a symbol of shared national history and is home to the most powerful person on Earth. Here the president charts the course for the country, and the First Family lives in the spotlight. It's a home, office and museum. It's a bunker in times of war, a backdrop for command performances or state visits, and the heart of the American body politic. It takes a staff of more than 100 to maintain it, and its collection of antiques and paintings makes it a showplace for American art and design.

The White House: Inside Story takes viewers behind the scenes to meet those who keep the house running smoothly, supporting the president and guarding the First Family’s privacy. We’ll see how the building has evolved over 200 years changing with the currents of history and the tastes of its occupants. At the epicenter of global politics, in the heart of the nation’s capital, the story of the White House is the story of America itself.