Walking in Two Worlds

About This Episode

Rich with old-growth trees, salmon-filled rivers and wildlife, Alaska’s Tlingit and Haida Indian tribes have depended on the Tongass for their culture and survival. Walking in Two Worlds journeys to the Southeast Alaska forest to reveal its splendor and shed light on the devastation and division resulting from the Settlement Act. As a result of a collision of bullying, business and naiveté, it created a swath of scars in a magnificent forest wilderness and Natives struggled to adapt to new roles as corporate shareholders.

For one Native brother and sister, this transition divided them. While the brother led the native corporation's clear-cut logging, his sister became a fierce leader in the battle to stop the destruction. Then a life-threatening illness drew them back together as one sibling offered the other a life-saving gift. A story of division and redemption plays out showing the possibility of healing both the forest and the native community.