The Carrier

About This Episode

Told through the eyes of an increasingly empowered heroine who refuses to be overwhelmed by the forces that surround her, The Carrier is a powerful and moving portrait of an unconventional family, set against the backdrop of the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia. This unique lyrical style film by Maggie Betts follows Mutinta Mweemba, a 28-year-old subsistence farmer living in a polygamous marriage. After learning she is HIV-positive and pregnant again, Mutinta sets out on a quest to keep her unborn child virus-free and break the cycle of transmission for the next generation.

With its breathtaking visuals, The Carrier is a story of hope and renewal, of love and dignity. It is an inspiring and emotional testament to today's modern Africa and a proud people struggling not only to understand and make sense of, but also persevere and overcome what has happened to their world.