Streets of Wynwood

About This Episode

Once a year, when the Art Basel fair comes to Miami, street artists from across the globe converge on the city's Wynwood neighborhood to create and compete. Each December, the walls of this former warehouse district are spectacularly transformed as new works by the world's best taggers, graffiti writers and muralists are painted over prior exhibits.

Streets of Wynwood takes viewers inside this fascinating yet little-known global subculture that spans the artistic gamut from "tagging" and graffiti to towering murals of astonishing quality. Some works might endure for years, while others vanish or are defaced within days of completion. The documentary is both an immersive journey into an eye-popping street art jamboree, and a thoughtful exploration of a burgeoning artistic movement where artists such as Shepard Fairey, Eduardo Kobra, Faith 47th and Banksy are highly sought after by art collectors, galleries and museums.

It's a beautiful and energetic world, fraught with danger. For even as Miami celebrates this creative explosion, a local graffiti writer named Reefa is killed on the city's streets by police cracking down on clandestine taggers.