Saving The Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat The Jetport

About This Episode

Narrated by actress Blythe Danner, Saving The Great Swamp: Battle to Defeat The Jetport chronicles a historic struggle to preserve a rural area of New Jersey between 1959 and 1968. The fight began when the powerful Port Authority of New York announced plans to construct a huge 10,000 acre "jetport" 26 miles west of New York City, in an area known as the "great swamp." In the name of progress, entire towns would be obliterated, the aquifer and wildlife destroyed for miles around, and a way-of-life for thousands of people threatened.

The events that followed became one of the most defining environmental confrontations of its time — a grassroots movement that started in a local high school and grew to historic proportions. It was a battle that took almost a decade, a President and an Act of Congress to stop, and ultimately led to the creation of a national treasure — the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.