Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler: Osun-Osogbo

About This Episode

Host Bruce Feiler travels to Nigeria with African American pilgrims who are attending an annual festival in honor of the Yoruba Goddess Osun as a way to reconnect with their cultural and spiritual roots. This indigenous African faith was first carried to the Americas during the slave trade where it evolved and spread to become one of the ten largest religions in the world. In the U.S., after being forced underground during slavery, it is now growing in popularity across the country.

In company with the pilgrims, Bruce visits the last remaining Yoruba sacred grove in Nigeria, where the Osun Festival attracts tens of thousands from around the world. As the festival reaches its climax, he sees that practitioners from the Yoruba Diaspora are reinvigorating the faith in its homeland while taking home a new sense of identity as African Americans.

Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler is an unprecedented journey to the world’s most meaningful landscapes and rigorous religious pilgrimages. The series presents a comprehensive picture of the practice of pilgrimage in its varied expressions around the globe, over thousands of years.

Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler: Osun-Osogbo

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