Revolutionaries: The Age of Edison with Ernest Freeberg

About This Episode

The late 19th century was a period of technological creativity, but arguably the most important invention was Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb. Yet Edison’s greatest invention was not any single technology, but rather his reinvention of the process itself. Ernest Freeberg's "The Age of Edison" is an American story of ingenuity, ambition, and possibility, in which the greater forces of progress and change are made visible by one of our most humble and ubiquitous objects.

Join professor and historian Ernest Freeberg for a conversation with John Hollar about the technological revolution Edison’s light bulb unleashed.

Revolutionaries is the Computer History Museum´s acclaimed speaker series, featuring renowned innovators, business and technology leaders, and authors in enthralling conversations often with leading journalists. The audiences learn about the process of innovation, its risks and rewards, and failure that led to ultimate success.

*Recorded at the Computer History Museum March 14, 2013