Red Power Energy

About This Episode

Can energy development empower a people while powering the nation?

Tribal lands are the microcosm of today’s controversial energy debate. Between the fears that fossil fuels cause climate change and the hope that renewable energy can save the planet, lies the complex reality of American Indian reservations grappling with the balance of culture verse progress, poverty verse new-found wealth, and the fate of the environment.

Uniquely intimate, provocative and told from the Native perspective, with a nearly all-Native film crew and all-Native Advisory Council, Red Power Energy is a multi-media documentary that combines engaging storytelling with in-depth journalism. Featured are Western and Great Plains American Indian tribes in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. From tribes mining coal, drilling oil and fracking natural gas to a coalition of tribes and individuals building sustainable wind farms and small scale residential solar, an engrossing story emerges that showcases America’s indigenous population reclaiming their right of self-determination.