Racing to Zero: In Pursuit of Zero Waste

About This Episode

Only one third of the waste in the United States is recycled or composted. Why? Industry, through its practice of planned obsolescence, plays a major role; our lives are almost totally dependent on un-recyclable petroleum products. In order to reach zero waste, we need to change our relationship to garbage and view the things we discard as resources, rather than waste.

Racing to Zero: In Pursuit of Zero Waste examines our society's garbage practices in terms of consumption, preparation, use and production. San Francisco is successfully taking the necessary steps to reach zero waste by increasing recycling, creative repurposing, composting to recycle organics back into the earth where nature and science interact, and changing patterns of production and consumption. Other U.S. cities have instituted zero waste policies of their own, and it is through these mandates that we are challenged to think differently about not only how we handle our garbage, but what it can become. Countless innovations have emerged, and there is a booming innovation movement afoot.