POV: The War Show

About This Episode

Syria's Arab Spring, like other similar movements in the region, began with hope. In early 2011, autocratic governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa seemed to be on the verge of receding peacefully, and Syrian protestors massed to demonstrate against the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad. The uprising quickly gave way to conflict, however, and by 2016 the Syrian civil war had claimed 470,000 lives and displaced 11 million people.

The film focuses on some of the idealists who joined the early Syrian resistance. Co-director and narrator Obaidah Zytoon, a Damascus activist and radio broadcaster, turns her camera on her friends, a close-knit group of millennials who like listening to classic rock, hanging out on the beach and organizing anti-Assad protests. "We were united in hatred of subordination and love of uniqueness," Zytoon says.

A shattering portrait of a country engulfed in tragedy, The War Show depicts the ongoing toll the conflict has taken on Syria -- and, devastatingly, on a committed group of friends.