POV: Presenting Princess Shaw

About This Episode

By day, Samantha Montgomery cares for the elderly in New Orleans. By night, she writes and sings her own songs as Princess Shaw on her confessional YouTube channel. Little does she know that her fiery-red hair and soulful voice have captured the attention of a video artist 7,000 miles away on an Israeli kibbutz.

In an unexpected musical mash-up, Princess Shaw finds herself at the center of a viral video hit by Israeli producer Ophir Kutiel, known as Kutiman on YouTube, whose video mixes of amateur YouTube performers have graced the halls of New York's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Montgomery's bubbly, can-do spirit and Kutiman's quiet genius come together in Presenting Princess Shaw, which offers a heartwarming look at the power of music, both as therapy and as a magnetic force bringing together wholly different personalities and worlds. Directed by Ido Haar, the film follows the pair's parallel stories, as it cuts between Montgomery's struggle to make it big in music and Kutiman's secret plans to make that happen.