POV: My Love, Don’t Cross That River

About This Episode

Husband and wife Jo Byeong-man and Kang Gye-yeol have managed to preserve their vitality, humor and affection for one another well into their seventh decade of marriage. They reside in a quiet and pastoral region of South Korea and follow many traditional features of Korean culture, from cooking their meals over a simple stone stove to wearing the hanbok robes of past generations.

Despite their age, Jo and Kang take responsibility for the physical labor their rural home demands, such as collecting firewood, fetching water and shoveling snow. These chores are often slowed down by Jo's joking and mischief, but Kang hardly seems to mind.

Of course, just as in every relationship, nothing is perfect. Jo and Kang butt heads at times. And when their children -- now adults with their own families -- come to visit, they get into a heated argument over who has been more devoted to taking care of their parents. But despite these challenges, My Love, Don’t Cross That River is about the couple's last happy days together.

POV: My Love, Don’t Cross That River

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