Portrait of a Landscape: The Flint Hills

About This Episode

Long ago, 250 million acres of tallgrass prairie extended its reach across Canada to Texas. Today, it is almost entirely gone, claimed and farmed by settlers and early pioneers. But Kansas was lucky. Due to the rocky soil that is made mostly of limestone, the prairie here was spared the plow and survived.

So named for the abundant residual mineral which eroded from the lower bedrock and lies near the surface, the Flint Hills are one of nature’s true treasures. Today this special, delicately balanced ecosystem provides a unique fertile preserve for an amazing variety of flora and fauna and a home for many creatures from butterflies to bison.

See the beauty of the prairie through a visually-stunning journey featuring the glorious Flint Hills during one of their most visual times of the year: spring. Gorgeous wildflowers, magnificent landscapes, dramatic prairie fires and tremendous thunderstorms are all part of the visual impact of the Flint Hills, showcased by magnificent aerial video.

Portrait of a Landscape: The Flint Hills

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