Plight of the Grassland Birds

About This Episode

From New England and Canada to Montana and Mexico, grassland birds are losing their habitats at an alarming rate. In Plight of the Grassland Birds, host Will Lange follows the migratory path of these birds across the Americas to explore why these species are declining faster than any other group of birds, and what’s being done to reverse the trend.

The documentary shows how agriculture, reforestation and land development have depleted the nesting and breeding habitats for grassland birds such as bobolinks kestrals, Eastern meadow larks, upland sand pipers, and vesper sparrows. The documentary explores conservation efforts in the fields and meadows of New England; the Great Plains of Montana; rapidly developing areas of Ontario, Canada; and the Reserva Ecological El Una in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert. Experts, students and volunteers demonstrate how they are working to protect the habitat of grassland birds.