One Night In March

About This Episode

In the late 1950s and early '60s, Mississippi State University's powerhouse basketball program earned several conference titles and national rankings. Despite their success, the Bulldogs could not play in the NCAA national championship due to an unwritten rule prohibiting all-white Mississippi collegiate athletic teams from competing against integrated teams. Mississippi State's president, head basketball coach and players ultimately risked their safety and futures by defying this rule, and the governor and state legislature in pursuit of a national championship.

The award-winning One Night in March recounts the 1962-1963 season and the events leading up to the historic college basketball game against integrated Loyola University which captured the national imagination, influenced a state and helped redefine a sport. Interviews, rare footage and archival photos transport viewers to a tumultuous time in history, just as the Civil Rights movement began gaining momentum throughout the South. The documentary concludes with a return trip to Loyola, where the former players from those teams reunite and celebrate the landmark game they participated in 50 years earlier.