N.S.E.W.: Start Up - Please Don't Feed the Monsters, They are Already Stuffed!

About This Episode

Gary and the crew venture to Chicago to speak with Mike and Chao, who opened Union Street Sushi + Barbeque Bar, where patron dine on Japanese-influences cuisine with an East-meets-West flair. Then they travel to Cleveland, to meet with Mike and Bryan, the founders of e-funeral, a site that's transforming the way funeral arrangements are made. And last, they head over to Indianapolis, to visit with Michael, who started "Promise Monsters," a toy company that's spreading kindness with every monster that leave their shop.

Join host Gary Bredow as he travels around the country interviewing over 26 small business owners to hear their personal stories and find out what it really takes to start a successful business from the ground up. Energetic, inspirational, and educational, Start Up is a fast paced new series sure to capture the imagination and hearts of the nearly 50% of Americans who dream of starting their own business.